Hi all,
I have installed Codestriker and can open the Topic List screen as described in the Introduction of the User Guide (http://cer00447/codestriker/codestriker.pl in my case), but that is as far as I can get because every link on the page just generates a "The page cannot be found" error.  Looking closely at the screenshots in the User's Guide versus what I have in my browser, it appears the hyperlink URLs are not being correctly formed. Some examples:
Create New Topic  :    http://cer00447/topics/create
Search                 :  http://cer00447/topics/search
I think these should be something like  http://cer00447/codestriker/codestriker.pl?action=create  and  http://cer00447/codestriker/codestriker.pl?action=search
I've tried entering the correct search URL (as I have guessed it above) directly into the browser address bar, but I just get back the Topic List screen again.
I've had a quick look around the Perl code but I'm no expert in this language so didn't get far.
I have not been able to find references to this problem in the mailing list archive or Google. The closest I could find was http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=45EC9147.3000608%40users.sourceforge.net which is not quite the same as the issue I have.
My set-up is:
Windows XP Pro (SP3)
IIS (5.1)
Codestriker (1.9.7)
ActivePerl (
MySQL (5.1.30)
Browsers : Firefox 3.0.6 and IE6
My codestriker.conf file (with comments and sensitive info removed) follows. I realise there are some settings in here that still need tweaking - at the moment I'm just trying to get the basics running.
$db = 'DBI:mysql:dbname=codestrikerdb';
$dbuser = 'codestriker';
$dbpasswd = '*';
$daemon_email_address = '*********@***********';
$mailhost = '*******.********.com';
$use_compression = 0;
$gzip = '/bin/gzip';
$p4 = 'C:\Program Files\Perforce\p4.exe';
$highlighter = '';
$codestriker_css = 'http://cer00447/codestrikerhtml/codestriker.css';
@valid_repositories =
$repository_name_map =
    'perforce:balld@perforce:1666' => 'Cerillion Perforce'
$file_viewer =
    '/home/sits/cvs' => 'http://localhost/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi',
    'svn:file:///var/svn/project/trunk' =>
@exclude_file_types = ('rtf', 'doc', 'gif', 'bmp', 'jpeg', 'jpg', 'mdb',
         'ppt', 'vsd', 'xls', 'zip', 'tgz', 'tar', 'gz',
         'opt', 'aps', 'ncb', 'a', 'so', 'dll', 'lib',
         'exe', 'png', 'pdf', 'bin', 'out', 'ld', 'fm',
         'indd', 'wav', 'o', 'obj', 'mpp', 'vsw', 'jfif',
         'tif', 'tiff', 'xbm', 'fnt', 'ttf', 'pfm', 'pfb',
         'eps', 'wpj', 'sxi');
$maximum_topic_size_lines = '';
$suggested_topic_size_lines = '';
$default_topic_create_mode = $COLOURED_MODE;
$default_file_to_view = -1;
@topic_states = ('Open', 'Closed', 'Committed', 'Obsoleted', 'Deleted');
@readonly_states = ('Closed', 'Committed', 'Obsoleted', 'Deleted');
$allow_searchlist = 1;
@project_states = ('Open');
$antispam_email = 0;
$email_send_options =
    comments_sent_to_topic_author => 1,
    comments_sent_to_commenter => 0,
    topic_state_change_sent_to_reviewers => 0
$default_tabwidth = 8;
$sort_diffs_by_filename = 1;
$bug_db = '';
$bug_db = 'noconnection';
$bugtracker = 'http://jira/secure/QuickSearch.jspa?searchString=';
$lxr_map =
$topic_text_encoding = 'utf8';
$comment_state_metrics =
      { name             => 'Status',
 values           => ['Submitted', 'Invalid', 'Completed'],
 default_value    => 'Submitted',
 show_on_mainpage => ['Submitted' ]
$metric_config = "all";
Many thanks

David Ball
Cerillion Technologies Limited
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