Hello all,
I'm trying to create a topic using codestriker 1.9.10 and giving start/end tags + module name.
I get "Problem generating topic text:" error and nothing else.
I am running Apache 2.2 with codestriker as CGI on Windows 7.
I checked the logs and I get

[Tue Dec 07 15:51:45 2010] [error] [client] No VSS database (srcsafe.ini) found.  Set the SSDIR environment variable to the path of srcsafe.ini for your VSS database.\r, referer: http://localhost/cgi/codestriker.pl

I set the SSDIR variable and tried running Apache service under different account to check for permissions but still I get that error
The valid_repositories has the right path to the ini file and the $vss variable in the codestriker.conf is set to the right location of ss.exe.

Creating a topic from a text file works but I would like to be able to create a topic without a text file.

What's still missing?