Hi Codestriker experts;

While attempting to change the state of the topic from Open to Approved an error appears: "  No email address was entered".

I wrote up a Codestriker bug (3030778) on this since I did not find a pre-existing bug that was at all similar.

I  am going (very soon now) to be migrating to a brand new Linux vm (vmware) server for Codestriker (up-to-date Linux, up-to-date MySQL, up-to-date Apache and up-to-date Codestriker).

Meanwhile I have Codestirker reviewers (including myself) who have been able to change the state of a topic from Open to Approved in the past but who are no longer able to do so.

Now I am getting pressure to fix this as the workaround I have devised works but is silly (ask someone else to be the Codestriker reviewer, even if he/she is not technically qualified to be the reviewer of the specific topic).

I have no idea how to troubleshoot/debug this state change failure.

Thanks in advance to all useful advice received.

Ken Wolcott