well, I probably miss some important point.
codestriker generates a diff for me by itself, i only fill start-tag, end-tag and module.
where should i set the "-b" option?
also I am not sure @exclude_file_types is taken into account in this case

On 8/7/06, David Sitsky <sits@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
Moisei Rabinovich wrote:
>  > do you have some really large topics in your database?
> o yes! we are doing the real thing! :)
> seriously, 1024000 bytes ~= 1 M ~= 10K lines of code.
> I would not say it is an usual case but it may happen when really big
> feature is merged from the dev. branch to the trunk.
> Especially taken into account that I do not have a way to filter a
> generated files from the diff, as well as ignore indentation.
> I would be great to have such an option in codestriker.

If your generated files have a unique filename extension that you always
want to ignore, then check out the @exclude_file_types option in

By "ignore indentation", do you mean whitespace changes?  If you supply
the -b option to diff, it will remove whitespace changes from your diff


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