> 2. When you clicked on the "issue" topic, it would show all of the commits + comments that include
> that comment in its checkin comment. The commits would be shown newest to oldest in the topic.
yes! and if there will be another button like "close all the related topics" - it would almost ideal.

> It sounds to me like you really want to look at the repository/codestriker from an issue point of
> view, rather than a check in point of view. Do you always put the issue numbers into the checkin
> comment? Codestriker can't do this, but lets imagine for the sake of the discussion the following.
we have our own issue tracker and we use the "stable branches" model.
the policy is that commit to the "stable branch" mandatory has an issue reference (it's checked by the svn hook).
for the trunk it is not mandatory. but I do not plan (at least now) to have an integration between issue tracker and codestriker.
I can put in place another policy to have a topic-id somehow recognizable mentioned in that commits
that answer some other code-strike comments (well, as I told, in our case the uniq id is the revision, so I can require to
write in the comment something like #r12345 so I can translate it through the svn hook to the real codestriker id)
and then the svn hook will update the codestriker accordingly - i.e create new topic that includes comments to the mentioned ones.