yes, it's kind of "keep an eye" code review type, just note we are 25 developers team working on the regular base.
Usually we have about 100 commits a day, so the "eye" must be a strong one.
I can implement an obsolete through the svn hook - it's not a big deal, simple build the http post carefully.
But what I really missing in codestriker is a kind of relationships between topics.
It's more complicate than just obsoleteusually topics has few comments not just one,
from the developer point of view , the commits fix some of them, not all in one shot and some commits
could fix the the comments from different topics.
On other hand, from the reviewer point of view it would be much easy to follow the full review history of each issue,
then browse through the different topics as she has to do now.
The ven more complicated case when the fix is not acccepted by the reviewer or the fix raises new issues.

As the first step in this direction, I would propose to have the uniq identifier for each topic (in our case it's a revision)
and uniq identifier for each item inside of the topic (simple numbers generated automatically ).

On 6/22/06, David Sitsky < sits@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
Moisei Rabinovich wrote:
> Hello dear all,
> I've setup the subversion hook to create a new topic in codestriker on
> every commit and it works just fine.
> Now, I am looking for a god way to "link" the commits done based on the
> review to the original topic.
> Is there some recommended way?
> The scenario is like:
> developer commit some code [new topic created]
> the reviewer mention the problem in file X1 line Y1 and file X2 line Y2
> [mails sent]
> the developer fixes the X1,Y1 and commits [new topic is created.... not
> so good... it still relates to the origibal topic... should the original
> one be obsoleted byt he new one?]

Yes, we need to somehow obsolete the original topic with the new topic.
  This is easy to do if the topics are created "by hand", but via the
SCM commit hook, we need to handle this in a different way.

I can see a couple of options here, which Jason has already eluded to:

* In the topic description, we could perhaps introduce another magical
auto-link text, so that if you type in Topic 73514332, this would
automatically hyperlink to that topic.  We actually do this with Bug
XXXX text if a bug tracker has been enabled.

That way, the developer can add the Topic XXXXXXX text to their commit
message, as a way of linking topics together.

They can actually do this today, just by adding a full hyperlink to the
topic they are obsoleting, as Codestriker will render hyperlinks

* Another option would be to have a new field in the topic properties
tab, something like "Superseeds Topics: XXXXXX", as a way of creating an
obsolete link directly.  The onus would be on somebody to then update
this field to maintain your links.

Does anyone else have any other ideas?