Not to take away from Codestriker at all, but Gerrit is a tool for Git that is already out there so there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  It it kinda like codestriker for Git but it does more than that.  It stands in front of the actual Git repository.  You submit your commits directly to Gerrit and only after review and approval do they get merged into the respository.  See

Mark Keisler
Principal Software Engineer
Motorola Open Source Technologies

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 3:14 PM, Jeffrey Middleton <> wrote:
David: I believe one of my coworkers emailed you several months back
about git support.  Last week he came and asked me to look at adding
it, and I took a stab at it.  I believe that diff retrieval, diff
parsing, and retrieval for parallel view work.  This is the first Perl
I've written, and I'd still consider it more of a rough draft, so I'm
sure there's plenty of room for improvement.  I've attached a patch
(relative to v1.9.9) for what I've done so far, hoping for some

In particular, I'm wondering about git diff's support for copy and
rename detection.  It'd be nice for a copy or rename to show up as
such in the filename list, and not unnecessarily show a diff
containing the entire contents of the file.  This information is
printed in the header of the patch, so it's very easy for the parser
to detect (don't know about other differs; have never used CVS/SVN). I
don't see any support for this anywhere else in the diff parsers, and
it doesn't look like the code's quite set up to handle it. Thoughts?


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