Need help getting the full file view to work with Subversion and Codestriker.

My Environment:

Debian GNU/Linux 3.0
Subversion 1.0.9-2 (using Berkeley DB 4.2)
Apache 2.0.52 (mods enabled cgi, dav, dav_fs, dav_svn, perl and userdir)
mod_perl 1.99_14
Perl 5.8.4
Python 2.3
viewcvs 0.9.2+cvs
Codestriker 1.8.5
Multiple Repositories: /var/lib/svn/repos/[db_name]

Customizations to ViewCVS implementation to control access to repositories:

1. ViewCVS CGI scripts: /usr/lib/cgi-bin/viewcvs-[db_name].cgi
- Modified LIBRARY_DIR = "/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/viewcvs-[db_name]
2. ViewCVS conf files: /etc/viewcvs-[db_name].conf
a. svn_roots = svn: /var/lib/svn/repos/[db_name]
b. default_root = [db_name]
3. Python site-packages: /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/viewcvs-[db_name]
- Modified CONF_PATHNAME = "/etc/viewcvs/viewcvs-[db_name].conf"
4. /etc/apache2/conf.d/viewcvs.conf:
ScriptAlias /viewcvs-[db_name] "/usr/lib/cgi-bin/viewcvs-[db_name].cgi"
<Location /viewcvs-[db_name]>
AuthType Basic
AuthName "View [db_name] Repository"
AuthUserFile /var/lib/svn/dav_svn.passwd
AuthGroupFile /var/lib/svn/
Require group [db-name]-write

Now for my problem:

I can't seem to get Codestriker to display the entire context (full view) of the changes when clicking on the Parallel or Line ## links as described in the section 3.5.3 of the documentation. Section 3.4.4 of the documentation describes how Subversion has problems with generating Diff Topics. Two solutions to the problem were mentioned, one was to modify the diff file to include the paths on the Indexes and the other was to let Codestriker generated the diffs after check in. I am having problems getting either of these work-arounds to work.

Things I have tried:

1. I tried modifying the codestriker.conf file to use my viewCVS/Subversion implementation as a valid repository and never got anything to work.

The CVS example in the file uses: /cvsroot

Does this work for only CVS repositories? Will Subversion repositories work? If yes, what is the syntax? (I may have misunderstood on how ViewCVS could be used with Subversion and Codestriker)

2. I tried generating diff topics with codestriker using different module names, paths and Subversion authentication setups as follows:

Repository: svn:http://[hostname]/svn/repos/[db-name];codestriker;password
Module Name: .
Module Name: trunk
Module Name: trunk/....

Repository: svn:http://[hostname]/svn/repos;codestriker;password
ModuleName: [db_name]/.
ModuleName: [db_name]/trunk
ModuleName: [db_name]/trunk/....

3. I tried generating externals diffs, changing the indexes and uploading the diffs as follows:

svn diff -r [start_tag]:[end_tag] http://[hostname]/svn/repos/[db_name]/trunk/...

Change Index: [filename]
--- [filename] (revision #)
+++ [filename] (revision #)

(tried change 1):
Change Index: trunk/.../[filename]
--- trunk/.../[filename] (revision #)
+++ trunk/.../[filename] (revision #)

(tried change 2):
Change Index: /trunk/.../[filename]
--- /trunk/.../[filename] (revision #)
+++ /trunk/.../[filename] (revision #)

(tried change 3):
Change Index: http://[hostname]/svn/repos/[db_name]/trunk/.../[filename]
--- http://[hostname]/svn/repos/[db_name]/trunk/.../[filename] (revision #)
+++ http://[hostname]/svn/repos/[db_name]/trunk/.../[filename] (revision #)

(I even tried this:)
Change Index: http://[hostname]/viewcvs-[db_name]/trunk/.../[filename]
--- http://[hostname]/viewcvs-[db_name]/trunk/.../[filename] (revision #)
+++ http://[hostname]/viewcvs-[db_name]/trunk/.../[filename] (revision #)

Nothing seems to work for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Steven Kuhlmann