To do this you would 'Obsolete' the original topic.  By doing so, you will be asked to create a new topic, which should point ot your new code.  The old topic will be linkable from this new topic, and visa-versa.


On 9/20/05, Joel Conraud <> wrote:



We are currently experimenting with codestriker and it's a promising tool till now. My remaining worry currently is the following, though: how to organize a thread about a fix? Example given:


  • A developer wants to propose a bug fix; he creates a new topic;
  • A reviewer reviews the proposal and requests some changes;
  • The developer does the requested changes; how does he submit them back to the reviewer? By creating a new topic? Isn't possible to keep an history of proposals inside one given topic? If the only way is to create a new topic, how to group logically related topics around a given bug?


Thanks for your help, and congratulations for your tool!