Hi all, if I specify a module when creating a topic, the topics get created correctly, but when viewing the content and clicking on the line # or on Parallel to get the whole file, I just get a blank page.

I debugged this a bit and the problems seems related to the following lines in ViewTopicFile.pm

        my $next_delta_linenumber = $delta->{old_linenumber};
        for (my $i = $render->{old_linenumber}; $i < $next_delta_linenumber; $i++) {
            $delta_text .= " $filedata[$i]\n";

If I comment out the concatenation of $delta_text, then everything works fine, except that I lose the beginning of the file. With the line, I have no error at all, not in the IIS log either, only a blank page.
The problem is not there if no module is specified.

When digging in the log files, I found out that an invalid revision was requested to the svn repository. Instead of 32600, 32603 was requested, only when a module was specified. But I traced in the code and it seems that 32600 is really the revision given to svn, unless I missed something. Also, when commenting the line I can see the text, so CodeStriker was able to retrieve the full text.

* We are using SVN in HTTPS under apache with NTLM/WebDav.

Anyone had this problem?