Lets start off with the easy stuff..

By default Codestriker topic will show not show the entire file unless you ask for you. I assume you are opening up the topic, and pressing the "parallel" button. Are you sure the retrieve function is not being called? The function makes an effort to collect any error message and dump it into the window. Lastly, did you check your web server error logs? Codestriker will often dump its error messages into the logs.


"Bouwens, Jeroen" <jeroen.bouwens@atosorigin.com> wrote:

I'm trying to get codestriker to work with ClearCase, and while it more or less works, the review topics only show what's in the diff. As it says in the Codestriker manual:

"if a ClearCase repository has been specified in the Codestriker configuration, it is important that the above commands are run from the top-level directory of the view, so that the full vob pathname information is available within the diff files. This allows Codestriker to retrieve the full contents of files from the vob, so that a reviewer can see the changes applied to an entire file, rather than a small segment."

I have specified a repository in the config file, and verified manually that all versions are available to "cleartool get", yet all I get is this "small segment" the manual mentions. I tried checking what the code does, and it seems that ClearCaseSnapshot::retrieve is never called.

I'd be happy with any ideas of what to try to get this working, since the context of a change in a file is necessary to make a review doable at all.

Thanks in advance,

Jeroen Bouwens
Software Engineer
Atos Origin Technical Automation Veldhoven
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Building HVO, room 4.01, The Netherlands
email: jeroen.bouwens@atosorigin.com
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