We are using clearcase so obviously the CVS integration does not work. We would like to view the topics so that they are not not in diff mode. For us the left side is always blank (a huge waste of screen). Even with clearcase integration, the need to inspect items not under SCM is important. We have a customized version installed at work that has the diff stuff butchered out so that the diff would not work even if we wanted it to. I am preparing a set of changes for you that would be suitable for merging back to the core release. I am sure that the way we have it know is not going to fly.
Could you give me a quick design perspective on how you would like this done. From my study of the code it looks like the renderer object needs to learn about this no diff case. Should I extent the existing object, or perhaps break it out into a polymorphic class that can be switched in and out with the existing diff class.  Any ideas.
We have a other bunch of small changes that I will send off when they are complete.

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