I installed codestriker 1.9.9  and created a clearcase dynamic repository.  When I create a issue and click on the parallel link, I get the error "No such file or directory"  in a popup window.

When I look at return value of  lib/Codestriker/Repository/ClearCaseDynamic.pm, we return empty string in case of no error

# Retrieve the data corresponding to $filename and $revision.  Store each line
# into $content_array_ref.
sub retrieve ($$$\$)
      my ($self, $filename, $revision, $content_array_ref) = @_;
      my $error_msg = '';

  return $error_msg;

and in lib/Codestriker/Action/ViewTopicFile.pm   we are checking if the

if ( ! $repository->retrieve($filename, $revision, \@filedata) )
$http_response->error("Couldn't get repository data for $filename " .
                                  "$revision: $!");

Shouldn't  $error_msg in lib/Codestriker/Repository/ClearCaseDynamic.pm  initialized to undef  instead of empty string?