I have got Codestriker 1.9.2-rc1 up running, and I am able to create new projects, new topics, upload review files, view the diffs, add comments and so on. The SCM I am using is Perforce. The problem I am experiencing now is that perforce doesn't seem to be integrated properly. I have two problems right now:
(1) I can't retrieve the full file content when I click "Parallel" in the "Topic Text" page.
(2) It doesn't show "Repository:(What's this?)" row on the "Create new topic" page when I tried to create a new topic.
My settings in codestriker.conf for Perforce are:
$p4 = 'C:/Program Files/Perforce';
@valid_repositories =
Do you have any idea what could I missed? I would appreciate any suggestions!
Thank you,