In Section 3.5.3 (Viewing Complete old/new Files) of the Codestriker Guide (accessed on the web as, the following sentence appears:
"The review has to be linked to a SCM repository, so that it can fetch parts of the file which aren't a part of the review text."
This seems to mean that, in order to show side-by-side the entire contents of a file's "original" and "changed" versions (with differences highlighted), one must provide some kind of "link" to the source control system through which Codestriker can obtain the non-changed lines.  It already has the changed lines, as they came to Codestriker in the diff output.
I do not understand what it actually means to provide this "link to a SCM repository".  In our current setup, Codestriker shows the window as if the entire file contents were available (that is, all the line numbers are present and all the lines from the diff are present), *but* the rest of the lines (those which were not different, so were not in the diff output) are empty.  The line numbers appear, but not the lines themselves.  I imagine this is because Codestriker does not have the needed "link to a SCM repository", and so it just leaves the lines in its display empty.
What, *exactly*, is the method by which we make the "review linked to a SCM repository"?  Our SCM system is Perforce (and we've gotten most of that integration to work just fine).
Please forgive my probably-foolish question, and thank you very much for your time and help.

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