#92 Import Comments from Obsoleted Reviews


It would be beneficial for the review process if when obsoleting a topic, an option was provided to automatically set the module to the same module as the obsoleted topic and the start tag of the new review to the end tag of the obsoleted review. The main thing that would be useful though is if it could automatically import any comments made to the "end tag" section of the obsoleted review and apply them to the "start tag" section of the new review. This way, if any bugs or issues were caught in the review, the reviewers could see if every comment was addressed in the new code without having to constantly flip between reviews.

A different and perhaps more ideal option would be to allow additional review end tags to be added to a review, and then allow the user to select which start and end tag from the "pool" of tags to diff, with the comments remembering which tag they were applied to.


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