#59 review non-checked-in files PLUS checked-in files


We use codestriker quite a lot; thank you very much for
your efforts. :-)

Feature request: I've checked into CVS some SQL for a
project, and it's ready to be reviewed. A thorough
reviewer would also want to see the query plan for my
code. It's not appropriate to check in that analysis
alongside the code. For the text of the review, I'd
like to be able to include both checked in files (my
SQL) as well as non-checked-in files (the query plan
output). The non-checked-in code should be able to
have comments attached. (I.e., stuffing it into the
topic_description isn't ideal.)

A similar situation I've come across: I'd like to be
able to include a (non-checked-in) JPG in the review
which would show the entity-relationship diagram for
the (checked-in) SQL that creates tables.

Thanks again... codestriker@laubster.org


  • David Sitsky

    David Sitsky - 2006-10-10

    Logged In: YES

    This is a bit of a hack, but what you can do, is "cvs add"
    your query plan file, do your "cvs diff -uN", which will
    include the query plan, and then before committing your
    code, you can "cvs remove -f" your query plan file.

    With JPG, and other binary file types, I've found that
    people just include the URL of it in the description field,
    which seems to work fairly well in practice. Codestrker
    will automatically hyperlink any http:// patterns it sees.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Following up on David's idea... testing shows that cvs won't
    tag a file that hasn't been committed. Without inspecting
    the codestriker code itself, I played from the frontend &
    found the following script generates what I need for text
    files. (As David suggested, the output from the script
    would get fed into the "topic text upload" field when
    creating a codestriker topic.) For non-text files like a
    JPG there's still no good solution because any external
    links may change sometime after the review; ideally I should
    be able to pull up the review in 6 months & see everything
    exactly as it was presented. (Note that at this time
    codestriker ignores even checked-in binary files.)

    from_tag=$1; shift
    to_tag=$1; shift
    cvs_dir=$1; shift
    cvs rdiff -u -r $from_tag -r $to_tag $cvs_dir
    for i; do
    echo "Index: $i"
    echo "RCS file: NOT_CHECKED_IN/$i"
    echo "diff -N $i"
    diff -u /dev/null $i

    Later... J.D. Laub, codestriker@laubster.org


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