URLs cause 404

  • Jared Stark

    Jared Stark - 2008-10-31


    I'm having some issues with URLs after installing.  I'm able to browse to the /codestriker/codestriker.pl file just fine, but when I click on any of the links I get a 404 error.  This is because the URLs appear to be formatted as /item/action.  For example, if I click on Create new Topic it tries to redirect to /topic/create.

    I've included some details about what I've installed below-

    Installation details:
    Microsoft Server 2008
    IIS 7
    Codestriker 1.9.7
    ActivePerl 5.10.0 build 1004

    I know the documentation points to a specific ActivePerl 5.8 version due to an issue in a later build of version 5.8, however when I installed it on Server 2008 the package manager didn't work, which was why I installed the latest version.

    Also, I originally installed version 2.20 of the Template-Toolkit.  Based on another post in the forums I thought the issue might be related to that package so I tried to install an earlier version, however the only other version I was able to find through the package manager was 2.19.

    At this point I'm a bit stuck and I'm hoping someone might have a suggestion about where to go from here.

    Many thanks!

    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2008-11-03

      Strange - somehow the URL coming from $query->url() is not returning codestriker.pl.

      This is definitely IIS specific.  When you run install.pl, what version does it report for CGI.pm?  Perhaps you can try upgrading it to see if it makes any difference?

      Another option is to use Apache instead of IIS.

    • Jared Stark

      Jared Stark - 2008-11-04

      Thanks, I checked CGI.pm and it appears to be the latest version.  I went ahead and installed Apache and it's working correctly now.  I had my doubts about IIS7, but figured I'd give it a try.

      Thanks again for the reply.


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