Use of uninitialized value $cmd[0] in Open3

  • walter ferreira

    walter ferreira - 2012-07-13

    Codestriker was just installed and our git repository set on the config file. Unfortunatelly, when we try to create a new topic by providing the start_tag and eng_tag, an error is being displayed.

    Could you please help me solving this issue?

    **Problem generating topic text: Use of uninitialized value $cmd in string eq at /usr/share/perl/5.10/IPC/ line 166. Use of uninitialized value $cmd in exec at /usr/share/perl/5.10/IPC/ line 168. Use of uninitialized value $cmd in exec at /usr/share/perl/5.10/IPC/ line 168. Can't exec "": No such file or directory at /usr/share/perl/5.10/IPC/ line 168. Use of uninitialized value $cmd in join or string at /usr/share/perl/5.10/IPC/ line 169. open3: exec of -git-dir=/home/samsungfast/samsungfastnew_git_root/.git diff -U6 -full-index -src-prefix=872db3a94a39b59c6227/ -dst-prefix=429e2c0c0a9e9307dde4/ 872db3a94a39b59c6227 429e2c0c0a9e9307dde4 - failed at /var/www/codestriker/codestriker-1.9.10/lib/ line 590

    thanks in advance!!

  • David Sitsky

    David Sitsky - 2012-07-13

    It's missing in the official install, but you need to define a $git variable in the codestriker.conf file, which contains the path to the git executable.  See the $cvs variable as an example for what this looks like.

  • walter ferreira

    walter ferreira - 2012-07-17

    Thanks, the previous error is gone after I've set $git = '/usr/bin/git';   , but now I'm left with the following error:

    Problem generating topic text:
    usage: git diff 

    I did use the following parameters:
    Topic title: TEST
    Topic description: TEST
    start tag: 872db3a94a39b59c6227
    end tag: 429e2c0c0a9e9307dde4
    module: .

    do you have any suggestions?

    thanks and regards

  • David Sitsky

    David Sitsky - 2012-07-23

    I didn't write the module so I don't know sorry.  I assume you can create topics manually by creating the text up-front that way?

    Perhaps inside of ".", provide a directory name to see if it makes any difference.  According to the manual, this is the command which is run:

    git diff -U6 -full-index -src-prefix=start_tag/ -dst-prefix=end_tag/ start_tag end_tag - module


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