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  • Yahor Sinkevich

    Yahor Sinkevich - 2006-05-12

    From docs:

    Only use Perl 5.6.X, as Perl 5.8.X for Win32 has issues that prevent Codestriker from working correctly.

    Is this still true?


    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2006-05-16

      I don't use Windows + Codestriker very much.  Perhaps it is no longer true, just a recommendation more than anything.  There were issues with open3() from memory with perl 5.8.X which as an issue if you called CVS/Subversion commands externally.

      • Yahor Sinkevich

        Yahor Sinkevich - 2006-05-16

        Ok, I'll try latest perl


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