Codestriker Installation

  • Richard Hensley

    Richard Hensley - 2006-10-11

    I'm trying to install code striker in the following environment:

    perl 5.8.0
    RedHat EL 3
    MySql 5.0

    When I use the command ./ I get the following output:

    v-string in use/require non-portable at ./ line 27.
    Argument "4'\nissymlin" isn't numeric in integer multiplication (*) at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/Time/ line 26.
    The database configuration variable $db has not been set.
    Please edit the codestriker.conf file and run this command again.

    The multiplication thing bugs me. My codestriker.conf file has the original mysql $db line untouched.

    Is there any way to get more information out of to help diagnose the problem?

    • Richard Hensley

      Richard Hensley - 2006-10-11

      So, there was a syntax error in codestriker.conf

      I found it with perl -w codestriker.conf


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