Using dynamic views in ClearCase

  • Rodrigo Mendes

    Rodrigo Mendes - 2008-02-12


    To configure Codestriker to be used with ClearCase, it's needed to identify the viewname and vob, in my case, using a Dynamic View.

    This is the part of the manual that shows how to do it.

    " # The next example is a repository based off a ClearCase dynamic view.
      # The clearcase identifier is followed by the dyn indicator,
      # followed by the view name, followed by the location where the
      # view is loaded.
      # 'clearcase:dyn:viewname:/vobs' "

    Since everytime we create a solution branch based on a specific view, we do have a different viewname.

    My question is: If we have different views , do we have to change the codestriker configuration file with the "new viewname" and run the install again ? Does it only work for one solution branch (view) each time ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2008-02-13

      That is my understanding, yes.  If you are using Codestriker in a CGI environment, then you can modify the codestriker.conf file without restarting apache or running  If you are under mod_perl, then after modifying codestriker.conf, you will need to restart your web-server.


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