No "Repository" on "Create new topic" screen

  • Eoin Dickson

    Eoin Dickson - 2007-08-21

    I've set up codestriker with cvs but when I go to the "Create new topic" screen I don't see "Repository" which is shown in the screen shot in the user's guide.
    Does this mean that there is something wrong with my cvs setup in codestriker.conf ?
    I'm not really clear what this means in the comment in the conf file

    # You also need to make sure that the user running your webserver has
    # permission to run the client SCM program (eg, cvs, p4, svn), and to
    # connect to the repository.

    If my webserver runs as user apache does this mean that I need to allow apache to access my repository ? Or do I have to run httpd as an ordinary user ?

    Hoping someone can help clear up my confusion !


    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2007-08-21

      Sounds to me like your @valid_repositories value in codestriker.conf is empty.  You can send me your codestriker.conf file to:

      sits AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net.

      For you other question - you can use the CVS pserver protocol, so you can specify the username/password details in the repository string.  See the configuration file for more details.


    • Eoin Dickson

      Eoin Dickson - 2007-08-22


      Thanks very much for your offer of help. I have mailed you my conf file.


    • Sam Lai

      Sam Lai - 2007-10-23

      If you only have 1 repository, it won't show up.  Try add another dummy repository, and see if it shows up then.  I'd suggest change this behavior, since it confused me the first time too.


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