Clearcase win32 parallel view troubles.

  • Shishir Ramam

    Shishir Ramam - 2007-07-04

    I have been attempting to get the parallel views to work on my installation of CodeStriker and seem to be in need of some help.

    This is a windows install (WinXP, Code Striker 1.9.3 with Apache 2.2).

    After some debugging, it seems that the 'system()' call in fails.

    This is what my hard coded (for the moment) path looks like

        my $command = "\"C:/Program\ Files/Rational/ClearCase/bin/cleartool.exe\" get " .
                      "-to \"$tempfile\" \"$full_element_name\" " .
                      "2>> \"$errorfile\"";
        my $ret = system($command);

    The errorfile reports -
    cleartool: Error: Operation "get cleartext" failed: not a ClearCase object.

    I have tried escaping the the spaces with a backslash but to the same effect.

    The same parameters when executed -
    1. as a simple perl script and
    2. from the command line work fine.

    I have checked to ensure that apache is running as the same user as above.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2007-07-04

      Why don't you make the code:

      print STDERR "Command: $command\n";
      my $ret = system($command);

      Then try to cut-n-paste the exact command text from the apache log file to a cmd.exe window.  It makes it sounds like there is a problem with $full_element_name.  Perhaps we are being hit with a shell quoting issue?  Can you paste here what your command is?


    • Sam Lai

      Sam Lai - 2007-10-17

      I run into the same problem.  After some messing around, I finally got it to work.  The following is the change, hope it helps.

          $ENV{'PATH'} = 'C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\Rational\RelArea_CC_Client\ClearCase\bin';
          my $command = "\"cleartool\" get " .
                        "-to \"$tempfile\" \"$full_element_name\" " .
                        "2> \"$errorfile\"";
          my $ret = system($command);


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