Code review and re-review cycle

  • James

    James - 2006-05-30

    I have recently discovered codestriker and am reviewing it for use on my project. A typical cod-review, on our team at least, can consist of a code change set undergoing multiple iterations of code-review and re-work. The rework stage results from the reviewer being unsatisfied with what was implemented in the code change set. Code striker does not seem to support this flow. You can only submit a single change-set (diff -uN) for review and you cannot resubmit another change-set if the reviewer is unhappy and has requested changes to be made. It seems you need to create another topic in codestriker.
    Is there any way code striker can support the flow of: work -> code-review -> re-work -> code-review -> close topic?

    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2006-05-30

      You can achieve what you want by changing the state of a topic to Obsoleted.  This takes you to the create topic screen and allows you to create the new topic which superseeds the old one.

      The links are maintained by Codestriker, so even if there are multiple iterations, all of the successive topics are linked together.

      The benefit this provides is all iterations are tracked by Codestriker, including all comments and code changes.


      • Azad

        Azad - 2006-06-06

        Isn't it possible to avoid all those Topic creation.
        Like to have in the same topic, the possibility to update a new diff file ? and keep a link to the old file and comments ?

      • Azad

        Azad - 2006-06-06

        Oops, forget to finish :
        Like this, we avoid creation of new topics,
        we keep the same title, same description, and same reviewers.
        We could instead of sending a mail with REVIEW, have Update ?

        Is it possible, or not yet ?

        • David Sitsky

          David Sitsky - 2006-06-06

          The way to achieve this is to use the obsolete function, as written in a previous post.  Yes, it does create a new topic, however the old topic is effectively no longer active, but all the old comments and diffs are available just a click away.

          Changing the diff text in the same topic doesn't make sense, as what would you do with the old comments?  The diff text is immutable.


          • Azad

            Azad - 2006-06-07

            David, the idea of Obsolete is great, but it could be updated, i think.
            My idea was actually, the guy show his code, and somewhere he has wrote : if ( input = 0 )
            I put a comment saying: hey it should be if (input = 1).

            When the developper see it, he makes the change, give a new diff file, and can close the comment.
            In that case, you don't need to create a new topic everywhere, keeps the comments, and show exactly what has been done/redone and what comments were intelligent.

            Do you need me to explain the idea by mail more in detail ? or do you get the point ?

            • David Sitsky

              David Sitsky - 2006-06-07

              I know what you mean - this is not a trivial change however.

              In the situation you describe, some people just cut-n-paste the new diff code into the comment itself, which gives you most of what you want.

          • Patrick Diamond

            Patrick Diamond - 2006-06-13

            Hi David

            Here's a thought that's a variation on this thread. Allow new Diff text to be added to an existing topic. This preserves the immutable attribute of the existing text but allows codestriker to be used in a more flexible manner

               a) Code could be sourced from several different sources/changelists etc
               b) code missed from the initial upload can be added later
               c) Rereview code could be reviewed within the context of the existing code


            • David Sitsky

              David Sitsky - 2006-06-14

              This seems like a cleaner approach.  I personally prefer having the two reviews as separate topics connected by a link, but I can see why some people would prefer it on a single page.

    • James

      James - 2006-05-30

      This is what I needed. Thanks for the prompt response.

    • Azad

      Azad - 2006-06-09

      Yes and No, I would like to say.

      But, I'm starting to digest all the Codestriker structure, in order to try to modify it next week as I would like to see.

      In case, I'm able to make some interesting changes, I'll send you the informations


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