File size limitation

  • Rodrigo Mendes

    Rodrigo Mendes - 2008-02-25


    I created a diff file with more than one changed source file on it. When this diff file is small, for example with a file with size 137 kb, I'm able to load it on Codestriker and I can see all 4 files referenced inside this diff file sequentially. But when I trying to load a file with size 2.490 kb, Codestriker is not able to create a new topic. Is there any file size limitation to create a topic ?

    Thanks in advance,

    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2008-02-25

      I haven't seen this issue, but some people have reporting issues with MySQL.  What problems are you seeing exactly?  There are some database parameters you need to set for MySQL to increase the maximum size it can use in a database query.

      For example, try setting the max_allowed_packet to 32M in /etc/my.cnf, or the equivalent file in Windows if you are using Windows.  Make sure you restart the MySQL server if you do this.



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