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  • Kilian

    Kilian - 2008-02-01


    actually, it's not very important that we set which view and which vob?
    I mean that I can upload many file from different view and vob? they're also different of vob what i have defined in the @valid_repositories?

    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2008-02-02

      It will matter if you want to retrieve the full file - otherwise Codestriker will not be able to know how to get the file contents.  If you look at the code, you'll see what commands are executed.  Check out lib/Codestriker/Repository/ClearCase*.pm.

    • Kilian

      Kilian - 2008-02-04

      Actually, I don't know perl....this language, i can read. but i can't test, ex. i don't know well how to print a string in the cgi....-_-
      anyways, i don't understand why they just print the content different? i want to print part of same content like yours.

      • David Sitsky

        David Sitsky - 2008-02-05

        You can do something like:

        print STDERR "here is a string\n";


        print STDERR "here is another with variable: $variable\n";

        for windows, you would do:

        print STDERR "here is another with variable: $variable\r\n";
        flush STDERR;

        then the log file for your web-server should have this message.

        You can also just do:

        print "here is a string\n";

        and this will most likely appear in the output html.  You might need to view the html source to see it.

    • Kilian

      Kilian - 2008-02-04

      I think i have well set , the addresses of vob-_-

    • Kilian

      Kilian - 2008-02-05

      i found he can find the context of file in the action=view_file
      but he can't print next 3 lines or last 3 lines, just like yours....in the action=view (view_topic)
      thank u


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