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  • Azad

    Azad - 2006-05-06

    I want to install Codestricker on a Windows server.
    It is said, to use ActivePerl 5.6 <- in the installation documents
    After all the configurations, and all the preparatives installations, I launch the script. And here comes the BOOM :)
    It indicates me Template (or Template-Toolkit) module is missing, and I should try installing it with the ppm line. BUT, I don't find a website having Template ready for ppm install .... (for active perl 5.6.x)

    So , how can I do ??

    Everything works fine with Linux installation.

    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2006-05-08

      Hmmm... I take it you followed these instructions that should have outputted?

      If so - can you show me what error messages you received?


      These can be installed by doing the following in PPM 2.0 (the version of ppm is
      displayed when you start it up).

      C:\&gt; ppm

      PPM> set repository oi
      PPM> set save
      PPM> install (package-name)

      For PPM 3.0:

      C:\&gt; ppm
      PPM> rep add oi
      PPM> install (package-name)

      *NOTE* The Template package name may not be "Template" but "Template-Toolkit"
      when entering the commands above.
      has more information if you still have problems.

      • Azad

        Azad - 2006-05-10

        Here are the answers I get :
        using ppm3 for :
        1)install Template
        Error: Failed to download URL 404 Not Found
        2)install Template-Toolkit
        Error: no suitable installation target found for package Template-Toolkit

        using ppm for:
        1)install Template
        Error installing package 'Template': Could not locate a PPD file for package Template
        2)install Template-Toolkit
        Error installing package 'Template-Toolkit':Read a PPD for 'Template-Toolkit', but it is not intended for this build of Perl <MSWin32-x86-multi-thread>

        I added all the ppm adresses i found. Follow all the instructions given.
        Is it because I'm using a Pentium4 HT???

        For information, I can't also connect to : -> PAGE NOT FOUND

        If someone has an idea, welcome to speak. :)

        • Azad

          Azad - 2006-05-10

          Just to add some informations, when I do 'search Template-Toolkit' he find 5 modules, but don't want to install none of them ...

          Bizarre stuff...

        • David Sitsky

          David Sitsky - 2006-05-11

          Seems like that web-site has died.  The Codestriker error message also indicates the following ppm repository:

          Try adding this repository using the syntax output from the as was done for the openinteract repository - I believe you should have more luck.  I'll update the script to refer to just this repository.

          Let me know if that fixes your problem.

          • Azad

            Azad - 2006-05-12

            has fix the problem.
            I delete the adress and write it again and it works this time.

            Thanks a lot


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