Unknown named parameter at ...File.pm line 53

  • Anton Dedov

    Anton Dedov - 2007-08-11


    I am trying get codestriker work on lighttpd/sqlite.

    It starts but does not allow me create a topic with diff from repository telling me following error:
      Unknown named parameter at /home/adedov/public_html/codestriker/bin/../lib/Codestriker/Model/File.pm line 53.

    I experienced it with 1.9.2, 1.9.3, and 1.9.4-rc

    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2007-08-14

      Hi there,

      Sorry for the delay in my reply.  That is a strange error - can't say I have ever tried to get Codestriker working with lighttpd and sqlite.

      My guess is this is an sqlite issue.  Have you tried using another database like MySQL to see if it works?  Alternatively, have you tried apache with sqlite?

      sqlite hasn't really been tested thoroughly - I should check it out properly at some stage.


      • Anton Dedov

        Anton Dedov - 2007-08-14

        I have just tried lighttpd/mysql and it work. At least it allows me create new topic and then view it.
        Thank you.


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