Perfoce diff


    First thanks for the good job.
    A quick question: I use the below command to create a diff file:

    p4 diff -du > tmpview.txt

    When I load tmpview.txt to create a topic in codestriker, the newly
    added files and the deleted files are not shown. But I see in the
    example topic (, newly added and removed files are shown.

    I am not sure why. Is that because in the example topic, you are using
    CVS diff rather than p4 diff? If that is the case, can we reach the
    same goal in perforce?


    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2006-12-14

      Hi Jiandong,

      Perforce diffs don't include the contents of added files, so codestriker can't show them.  The examples shown in the manual and online are for CVS.

      You can blame the perforce people for that!



      Thanks a lot, David!


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