Opening Up Codestriker

  • rob_webset

    rob_webset - 2008-01-07

    Hi David,

    I notice that activity for codestriker has reduced over the last year, I assume that this is because you have become a very busy person.

    I notice there are about half a dozen patches in the patches forum waiting for approval and implementation.

    I was wondering if you would concider increasing the number of people that have the ability to update the codestriker code base?  Maybe have a procedure where you "approve" a change before it is made, and then have a quick review after it is made to make sure codestriker still takes the direction you wish?

    Maybe some of the developers that have posted patches and use the system may be willing to help push codestriker forward?

    Codestriker still appears to be the best open-source review tool from what I've seen (Unless you know of any others?).



    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2008-01-08

      Hi Rob,

      Yes its true my available time spent on Codestriker went down significantly in 2007 - the birth of a baby girl will do that to you.  :)

      Having said that, things are starting to settle down again, and I'll be able to spare the odd hour here-and-there to go through the patch list.  For simple patches, its a no-brainer, but for the more complex patches, obviously they take more time and have a larger impact on the system.

      Many patches for example, while they work for the author, may not work when deployed under other environments (eg win32), which is what takes the most of my time.

      I have no issue with allowing other people access - and I have tried to encourage this in the past, but my experience is most people have a certain item they want implemented, and aren't interested in maintaining the entire code base.  In a sense - that is still my job/responsibility.

      Anyway - enough rambling for now - the short of it is I should have more time again this year compared to the last to get these patches through. :)



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