Feature Suggestion: Comment Attributes

  • Anonymous - 2002-08-16

    Codestriker is very cool.

    My suggestion is to have attributes for each comment thread.  Basically, as a developer I want to know  how serious the problem is.   As a reviewer, I want to know what happened with my comment.   If we had attributes per comment thread (i.e. line) you could collect that information.  I'd probably let each reviewer modify the attributes, and have codestriker add a line to the comment text anytime an attribute changed.  It would be great if each installation could have their own set of comment attributes.  Here are the attributes I would add:

    Severity (Critical, Major, Minor)
    Critical: change will cause a crash, this change cannot be accepted in any build. 
    Major: change will cause a problem with the software that should be fixed before public release (e.g. slow memory leak, usability)
    Minor: change should be modified, but it can ship this way (e.g. minor maintainability or performance degradation)

    Status: ( Open, Accepted, Rejected )
    Open: Still open for comments
    Accepted: Author accepts the suggestion in the comment thread
    Rejected: Author rejects the comment thread

    After each edit where the attributes changed, I'd have codestriker add an xml text line to the comments:
    <attributeChange attribute='status' value='Accepted'>


    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2002-08-19


      Thanks for the compliment!  Interesting suggestion too.. I have to admit at my workplace, its normally not an issue about how individual comments are eventually handled.  Typically all comments are agreed upon pretty quickly, and then things get committed, with full agreement.

      What is your situation exactly in how you want to use it?  Are your developers scattered over many timezones or all in the same room?  What's your exact process?  I'm interested  because I get al sorts of emails from people using codestriker in different ways..

    • Anonymous - 2002-08-19

      I think for most of our simple changes, I don't really need comment attributes.  For brand new code, though, there tend to be lots of comments and discussions about the implementation of various features.  For those comments, I think it would be helpful to see what the current state is.  Having attributes also enables the writing of automated scripts that can collect the status of the various changes.  I agree, in general, that the open/collected/closed status for the overall change is enough.

      Awesome tool, as is!  It's already catching on like fire here.



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