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  • Ivan

    Ivan - 2002-04-25


    I just thought I'd describe some tweaks I've performed on my installation of CVSweb/Bugzilla/CodeStriker here.

    * optional integration with Bugzilla
      simply parse "bug 12345" as a link to show_bug.cgi?id=12345.

    * optional integration with CVSweb - changed Filename links in Diff lines to link directly to CVSweb page for the filename, also changed the revision to link directly to the annotated CVSweb page for that revision.

    * changed Bugzilla to parse "Patch 12345" as a link to codestriker.cgi?topic=12345&action=view

    New Feature Requests:
    * an option to browse all existing topics
    * an option for the topic creater to delete a topic
    * an option to update the diff file
    * support for cvs diff -upN
    * popup comments when hovering over the appropriate line - like tooltips
    * store the entire PATCH file - allow this to be downloaded as text/plain at any time.
    * option CVS Tag file to describe the tag to which the PATCH applies
    * optional Bugzilla ID field to describe a bug or bugs that the patch fixes.

    Best Regards,

    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2002-04-25

      Thanks for all the interesting suggestions.  I like the integration with bugzilla.  I am keen to put that in. This is something we do a lot in our team.

      I also like the integration idea with cvsweb.  We currently use cvsview over here.  I am keen to integrate support for both of them.  I also have "big" plans for the current pop-up windows. 

      At the moment, they just show the text, but I am keen to have popups for showing the old version of the file (with the appropriate coloured lines, and hyperlinked line numbers), and also the new version of the file, also coloured with hyperlinked line numbers.  That way, a reviewer can see what the new version of the file looks like without having to construct it in their head from the patch.

      As far as the tool tips go, that is there already.  If you use mozilla or IE, a tooltip window should appear when you hover over an existing line number.  Does this not work for you?

      The topic management stuff (viewing all topics / deleting) is something I'm keen to do eventually, its probably on the bottom of my list of priorities, but I do want to see it there eventually.

      I like the idea of adding the bugzilla ID in the initial topic creation screen.  I'll also need to check out "cvs diff -upN", as I have never used the "p" option, it sounds interesting.  Doesn't seem to work for Java files though... :(

      Can you explain what you mean exactly by "option CVS Tag file to describe the tag to which the PATCH applies"?  I have some ideas, but it is not 100% clear to me.

      Thanks for the ideas, I have some interesting hacking to do this weekend.  Stay tuned.

    • Ivan

      Ivan - 2002-06-12

      Apologies for the delay in responding.

      First of all, let me say - WOW! 1.5.0 is amazing!

      What I actually meant was an optional "CVS  Tags" field, somelike like what you did for the "Bug IDs" field.

      That way people could track what Tag each patch went into...

      BTW, I definitely don't get tooltips.

      I also had some issues moving an older install (modified 1.3) to 1.5.0 -- kept giving out about duplicate keys on the 1st directory, but still manage to successfully add that directory to the database.

      I managed to work around this by moving each topic directory out of the repository after had added it.

      I'm using mysql 3.22 (which I also use for Bugzilla) for historical reasons.  I had some grief with AutoCommit / Commit, so I removed all references to this from the source, and then things worked fine.

      I still have some issue with CGI::upload() not found that I have to get to the bottom of.

      But congrats! A fine piece of work!

      • David Sitsky

        David Sitsky - 2002-06-17

        Yeah, I can see the need for a CVS tags field.

        What browser are you using?  Its strange, as we get tooltips here for both IE and Mozilla.

        If you can write a patch to get Codestriker working with MySQL 3.22 conditionally, that would be great.  What version of CGI are you using?  I wonder if that is the problem you have..

        Thanks for the compliment - feel free to write some changes too if you are interested!

    • Adam Gates

      Adam Gates - 2006-11-15

      Isnt the filename and version enough to work out the CVS tag/branch? I would like to see this feature also.


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