Don Smith - 2003-03-04

Hello all.

Thanks for the spiffy tool.

I've just gotten it up and running on my system and plan to get our team using it very soon.  If you're interested or are keeping track, here are my details:
- CodeStriker v1.6.4
- Windows XP Pro
- indigo Perl
- Apache web server
- mysql v3.23.53
- no Bugzilla connection yet (in work)
- no CVS (we do all VSS)

My question... has anyone else worked with CodeStriker in a similar environment?  For example, how about VSS integration of any kind?

My comments/suggestions... some earlier comments I saw and agreed with are 1)  comment status/severity  and 2) batched comments (sending mutliple comments in a single email rather than each individually, as an option).

I don't have a *lot* of extra time but would be glad to help if possible.

Thanks again!
Don Smith