Software error when pulling from CVS

  • Maik

    Maik - 2007-02-13


    I am trying to create a topic from CVS, and get the error shown below no matter what I do. The can copy the content of the variable in the config file pointing to the cvs onto the command line with cvs –d … and can access the repository without problems, so this seems to work.

    Does anybody have an idea what could cause this problem?

    Thanks a lot



    Software error:
    open3: Can't close:  at C:/DevApps/apache-2.2.4/htdocs/codestriker/bin/../lib/Codestriker/Repository/ line 124
    For help, please send mail to the webmaster (, giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2007-02-13

      Grrrr - this is a Windows issue with Perl.  Some things to try:

      * Make sure you have configured Codestriker to use CGI, not mod_perl.
      * Try using apache 1 instead of apache 2.
      * Try using ActiveState Perl 5.6.X instead of 5.8.X.
      * Use Linux instead of Windows.

      • Maik

        Maik - 2007-02-13

        Isn't there a way to patch the code and make it work with the existing perl/apache server? What exactly is the issue???

        • David Sitsky

          David Sitsky - 2007-02-14

          Its not a problem with the code - its a problem with the Windows implementation of Perl/Apache.  It doesn't seem to happen on all window installations either.



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