integration with perforce

  • Krishna Priya

    Krishna Priya - 2007-10-09


    I am trying to integrate with perforce .But its not happening.
    while creating topic i am specifying the repository
    as perforce:myusername:mypassword@localhost:1666'.
    Its asking for start tag and end tag.
    what should i specify there.
    can any one please guide me how to integrate perforce with codestriker and how to use it.


    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2007-10-09

      Check the manual:  I'd advise trying to create the topic text, then uploading it into codestriker.  That way, you don't need to specify the module, start tag or end tag fields.


    • Krishna Priya

      Krishna Priya - 2007-10-09

      thanks For ur reply david.

      Right now we are following the same way.

      But we want to use this start tag and end tag .
      can you please tell us how to use those.

      what values can i give .

      when i gave integers in start tag and end tag ,gave error that your perforce does not support start tag and end tag .
      what does that mean.

      thanks in advance.

      • David Sitsky

        David Sitsky - 2007-10-10

        You can't use the start tag, end tag or module with Perforce, it isn't supported.



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