Perforce with codestriker 1.9.8

  • Jose

    Jose - 2009-05-05

                I am using Codestriker  1.9.8 with Perforce. I have some questions on the topic creation using diffs.

       What I need to enter  in the ‘Topic Text Upload’ field? Is it the diff file generated by the perforce windiff? I tried using the %p4 diff –du command , however, it says some license issue. So I manually did a diff from P4Win which is the Perforce GUI tool of the checked out version of a file and its head revision in the repository, stored it into a text file named review.txt and given the path in the ‘Topic Text Upload’ field.

    When the reviewer opened the file the modifications are not highlighted, its displaying the complete file. I do have the highlight installed in /usr/bin/. In my codestriker.conf I have the perforce library setup correctly.

    I also noticed another problem, If I add a comment, code striker sends out email notifying a comment has been added to the topic. If I click on the link , it takes me to a page which says enter your comment here, but the earlier comment is not reflected in the system. I noticed that the URL which comes in with this notification is

    http://<IPADDRESS>/codestriker/, I suspect there is some thing wrong here too.

    However, when I tried using the changelist number in the start tag and //depot/... in the module field it worked splendid, and thanks for developing a cool tool like that. Unfortunatley, we would like to have our code reviewed before submitting to perfoce, i.e we cant have a change list number unless we submit it. This force us to use the first method of working with the diff topics which is not working as expected. Would you show some lights on this?

    Thanks and Regards

    Please help with the above issues.

    Thanks and Regards

    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2009-05-05

      Lets deal with the diff problem first.  Using p4 diff command is the supported way of doing it.  If you email a small sample of the diff output from p4win, which should be able to support it properly.  Perhaps it is just a minor issue that can be fixed easily.



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