#123 Duplicate entry & unknown.txt errors



I'm using Bugzilla (v3.6.4) and SVN (1.6.15 (r1038135)) glued together with SCMBug (0.26.21-1).
I'm using codestriker (1.9.10) to point to a bug and pull out the SCMBug comments for diff generation.
90% of the time, this works great!

The other 10% I have narrowed down to two different criteria:
1) Fairly large (10,000+ lines) diffs. This results in the following error being displayed in the browser:
Software error:
DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Duplicate entry '9855401' for key 1 at /var/www/codestriker/codestriker-1.9.10/lib/Codestriker/Model/Topic.pm line 176.
For help, please send mail to the webmaster (root@localhost), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

2) Multiple SCMBug comments are made against one bug. This results in a submit which almost never returns. When it does return, it returns with a blank page. Either one of cases results in a a bug review that looks something like this:

Files in topic: (view all files)
unknown.txt {+5,-0}

[Add General Comment] to topic.

File unknown.txt [Add File Comment] [Top]

1 Index: /Trunk/Project1/Drivers
2 ===================================================================
3 --- /dev/null
4 +++ /Trunk/Project/Drivers (revision 216806)
5 @@ -0,0 +1,0 @@

File unknown.txt

Any ideas on what might be happening?

I've tried increasing the timeout on the Apache server to no avail.

- Gareth


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