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Released version 1.5

In the release 1.5, in order to allow a greater control on realtime sound synthesis, we add to CodeSounding the capability to interact with some unit generator-based solutions:
* with JSyn programming-oriented people can trigger sinusoids, filters, etc. without leaving the Java environment. Note that JSyn is not an open source software.
* musicians and GUI-oriented people can use either Max/MSP (commercial) or Pure Data (open source) in order to make visual patches and exploiting the existing objects. The interactions with CodeSounding are based on UDP packets, sent to different ports, so the sonification can live on a different machine. In any case it stayes on a separated process.... read more

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2010-09-20

CodeSounding's blog

Now it is available the following blog:

This will be my main communication tool.

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2010-08-16

Videos - download link

Download link for some codesounding's videos, in a good resolution:

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2010-08-15

How sorting algorithms sound

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2010-08-13

CodeSounding triggers a MAX MSP patch

CodeSounding can trigger a MAX/MSP patch; in this file release ( java2demo.jar, for every instruction executed, will send an UDP message to the patch, which will trigger several oscillators (see a live on\).

For more informations about the project, see

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2010-08-12

Max / MSP experiments

I'm starting to sonify the code through Max/MSP patches. CodeSounding sends UDPs messages for each instruction type; they are handled in the patch, then trigger oscillators.

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2010-06-25

Released some JSyn-based examples

Released several JSyn-based sound processors.


In order to run the examples through the script "jsyn.bat" you have to manually download and install the free (as "in beer") SDK ( On Windows, for example, you have to copy JSynV144.dll into C:\WINDOWS\system32 and set the variable JSYN_INSTALL_FOLDER to the folder containing jsyn.jar:
- set JSYN_INSTALL_FOLDER=D:\rob\_dev\workspace\jsyn_sdk_V144_071226\classes... read more

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2010-06-14

CodeSounding - JSyn-based sonification

I'm having fun trying to "sonify" with JSyn ( It is a csound-like synthesis library, providing a wide choice of oscillators. See here some early implementations:

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2010-02-09

CodeSounding: deb packages for debian-based distros

Added DEB packages for the following distros:
* Debian 5
* Debian Etch
* Ubuntu 8.04
* Ubuntu 8.10
* Ubuntu 9.04
Please check out

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2009-05-07

CodeSounding: support for more RPM Linux distros

Added RPM repositories to the following distros:
* CentOS 5
* Fedora 10
* Fedora 9
* Fedora 8
* Mandriva 2009
* Mandriva 2008
* openSUSE 11.1
* openSUSE 11.0
* openSUSE 10.3
* RHEL 5
Please check out

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2008-12-30

CodeSounding - 2008 Nomination

If you like it, you could nominate the project now:

CodeSounding is a sonification java library ( runtime sound wave is a function of how was structured the source code before compilation. To each statement (for, if, while etc) is assigned a pitch value or a musical instrument.

Main site: ... read more

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2008-06-08

RPM: CodeSounding 1.4 on openSUSE 10.x

New CodeSounding RPMs available for openSUSE, into PackMan repository:

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2008-04-07

CodeSounding version 1.4 released

CodeSounding version 1.4 released.
Sonification java library ( runtime wave sound is a function of how the source code is structured. To each statement (for, if, while etc) is assigned a pitch value.

New features:
- added JACK audio server support

JACK sample on YouTube:

Main site: ... read more

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2008-03-07

JACK / JJack plugin interface

With JACK Audio Connection Kit you can "pipe" an audio stream between several programs: software execution therefore can be handled as an analog signal wave and played, visualized, mixed with other plugins! :)

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2008-02-26

CodeSounding version 1.3 released

CodeSounding version 1.3 released.
Sonification java library ( build and play computer generated music sounds, assigning notes, MIDI instruments to java source code structures (var, blocks, if, break, etc).

New features:
- command line interface
- added an ANT task class
- ANTLR java source file parser (previously was a javacc parser)
- all rewritting stuff in the same java process
- short step by step tutorial
- demo live (Java Web Start app)... read more

Posted by Roberto Mannai 2007-08-27

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