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CodeSnip is an open source code bank for storing and viewing code snippets. It not only manages, displays and manipulates your own code snippets but it can also incorporate snippets downloaded from the online DelphiDabbler Code Snippets Database.

Designed with Pascal code in mind, CodeSnip enables Delphi or Free Pascal code snippets to be test-compiled with any installed Delphi or Free Pascal compiler and results to be reported. Use this feature to validate the syntax of code without switching to your compiler. Compilable Pascal units containing selected snippets can be generated.

Code in other languages can be stored in CodeSnip although the source file generation and compiler checking features will not be available.

The database can be searched for snippets that contain specified text, for cross referenced snippets. The snippets to be displayed can also be selected manually. In addition you can search for Pascal snippets that compile under given versions of Delphi or Free Pascal.

Frequently used snippets can be marked as "favourites" for quick access.

CodeSnip can generate and export Pascal source code in various ways:

  • Compilable Object Pascal units containing selected snippets from the database can be generated and written to file.
  • Individual routines or whole categories can be written to Object Pascal include files or copied to the clipboard for including in Delphi and Free Pascal projects.
  • Information about snippets can copied or printed.
  • Selected snippets can be exported to files that can be shared with other CodeSnip users.

Units and Pascal include files can also be exported as syntax highlighted XHTML or srich text files. The Pascal syntax highlighter can be customized.

The CodeSnip project has its own website at http://delphidabbler.com/url/codesnip-home


Executable files and source code archives for all versions going back to v3.0 are available from the SourceForge File Manager. Simply navigate to the required release and choose the required file. All executable files begin codesnip-exe while source code files begin codesnip-src.

Source Code Repository

From release v4.13.1 CodeSnip's source code has bee maintained in a Git repository on GitHub.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Up until release v4.13.1 the source code was maintained in a Subversion repository here on SourceForge. That repo has been retained to preserve the project's history, but it has frozen at release v4.13.1. Releases from v4.13.2 were developed only in the Git repo.

For details of the layout of the repository and other information about building CodeSnip from source code see the CodeSnip Compiling & Source Code FAQ.

See Also

CodeSnip's read-me file on GitHub.



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