As part of my on-going self learning excersise I have been implementing various technologies on the server at home.
Currently I am hosting the following services:
Oracle (8i)
Tibco (a range of products)
Azeurus (automated torrent retrieval)
CVS Repository server
CruiseControl (integrated build/test/deploy)
It is the last one (maybe two as they are related) I thought you might be interested in using for projects going forward (KBHL2 for example).
Cruise as I may have mentioned before monitors source control systems for changes to certain file types. On detection of a change a build is kicked off (subject to certain rules - 10seconds elapsed since last change detected etc to prevent incomplete checkins entering builds and the like).
The actual build itself can be controlled any way you like - I have a preference for ANT build scripts as they are simple to modify and a 'well understood' technology.
There are several tools available for remote monitoring of build cycles and (if you can find an email host) email alerts can be sent notifying developers/interested parties of build status (success/fail etc). My preferred monitoring tool is 'Nibs'; http://sourceforge.net/projects/nibschema/
Point this at armageddon.ath.cx and you should see two projects available and their current status (neither builds do anything as yet, they are both test projects).
If you think doing something like this might be something you want to pursue for KBHL2 then let me know and I'll check a 'raw' single player hl2 mod into the KBHL2 project space for us to work on (I'll provide CVS details when I get back and can look them up).
Questions? Comments?