#437 Copying to clipboard, then closing one instance freezes others


Bit of a strange one; discovered on linux under gnome, may not apply to other platforms or other window managers.

Running multiple instances of codeblocks, copying text from the editor to the clipboard and then closing that instance of codeblocks renders other instances unresponsive from that point on.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open one instance of codeblocks, with any project.
2. Open a second instance of codeblocks, you can just leave it on the welcome screen or load a project, it makes no difference.
3. Switch to the first instance, select some code, copy with ctrl-c and then close that instance with alt-f4.
4. Return to the second instance and try to interact; the UI is completely unresponsive, and the window ignores close commands from the window manager; it has to be killed from the terminal.

I tried to reproduce this behaviour under gdb, but the bug disappears when codeblocks is called from the console; normally I launch from the gnome shortcut.

Version is svn 10912 on 64bit debian linux, GNOME Shell version 3.22.1


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