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Engineering Changes

In the next beta version:

1) All the hardcoded string into a message properties.
2) MessageBox with a Exception report. If a Exception is throw.
3) Action Script Velocity templates migrated to Metaas library.

Our effort is to have a beta version in 15/12/2008

The C4F team

Posted by Facundo Merighi 2008-12-08


Eclipse and Flex Builder Plugin for Code Generation.

|---> Flex Builder Project (Adobe Cairngorm MVC)
|---> Php =>> Generates DAO + Model objects

In future version will add new technology integration:

|---> Flex Builder Project (Flex Mate MVC)
|---> Java (Spring context) using flamingo implementation
|---> Java (JBoss Seam Framework)
|---> .Net technology

I hope enjoy this alpha version.... read more

Posted by Facundo Merighi 2008-11-27