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cococ / News: Recent posts

Cococ project is closed

Pityingly I'm closing cococ project because:
1. I don't have enough time to develop it.
2. Other projects have similar ideas and are quite promising (e.g. imms, gjay, dbfs and so on)

Anyone who'd like to reanimate this project are welcome.

Posted by Alex Zyranov 2004-11-18

Initial CVS published

While it consists of three files: cococ.py ( cococ server), musikalib.py (cococ library) and musika.py (end-user console front-end). Names are wery early and may change very soon.
Really nothing works while, but work is going on.

Click http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/cococ to browse the cococ CVS repository

Posted by Alex Zyranov 2003-09-03

cococ project started

cococ is a smart and flexible COntrolling COllection Circulation system. Using organized collection it aims to be a smart digital DJ, a VJ and a slideshower. To achieve this cococ integrates existing projects (like xmms, grip, mozilla, gqview, locate...). The main goal to create a fairy (a system that is almost invisible to user).

Click http://sourceforge.net/projects/cococ/ to go to the main cococ project page

Posted by Alex Zyranov 2003-09-03