• ives

    ives - 2014-02-26

    Discussion around issues related to stability

  • ives

    ives - 2014-02-26

    troydm: first off, thanks for a great app. i think you nailed the functionality really well. it's almost exactly what i was looking for, with the exception of hoping for something a bit more stable.

    it seems like the app freezes when adding new ssh tunnel definitions. this results in the spinning pinwheel (OS X 10.9.1 & 10.9.2), requiring a forced kill of the process.

    it looks like the last update was around 2012, but this still seems to be the best tool out there (compared to SSH Tunnel Manager, Meercat, etc.).

    Are there any plans to address supportability, or to move it over to github?

  • Troydm

    Troydm - 2014-02-27

    ives: this is the github mirror
    Regarding stability issues, last time i've tried using it on OS X 10.9 it worked fine.
    Maybe it's just a matter of compiling using latest XCode tools. Unfortunately i don't have a physical access to a mac computer with OS X 10.9 right now so i suggest you try compiling it yourself and checking if it'll solve the problem. No matter results open an bug here -> and i'll try addressing it as soon as i'll get physical access to my mac computer and will try investigating it


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