Error in compile time: No such file or direc

  • Diego

    Diego - 2011-06-24

    I'm a new Cobol Projet user, and i'm using it under Eclipse for Cobol programmes.
    I've set up all the variables and all the parametres needed for the compilation. But still have this problem when trying to compile my programme:
    C:/Documents and Settings/workspace/Test/QS3CPADE.cob:9: Error: PRUEBA: No such file or directory
    Where "QS3CPADE.cob" is the pgm name and "PRUEBA" is one of the copys that i'm using.

    The most rarely thing, is that I can expand the copy but the compiler can't find it.

    Can you help me with this? I can't find manuals in nowhere.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Olivier Boiteux

    Olivier Boiteux - 2011-06-30


    Do you mean that you can expand the copy with the "Unfold" function ?

    Can you tell me which version of cobos you use?


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