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cobol2j is in Maven Central Repository now!

Just add following dependency to your pom.xml and that's it!


Posted by Pawel Maczka 2010-11-25

1.5.4 release

Files from MF and CA now can be read too!

Posted by Pawel Maczka 2010-09-06

Leave your opinion in quick short survey!

I really miss a feedback from you. Please help me find the best direction to turn my development efforts:

Posted by Pawel Maczka 2009-12-22

1.5.3 bugfix release

Serious bug removed. Why nobody reported COMP-3 problem for years? It caused wrong byte size calculation for even number of picture size fields. Now ok!

Posted by Pawel Maczka 2009-01-22

cobol2j 1.5.2 - added features!

New features includes: shell scripts; new transparent "type"; new dat2dat conversion utility; new rich error messages.

Posted by Pawel Maczka 2009-01-18

New error reporting

New error reporting added. Failing field data, name and type displayed. No more NumberFormatException.

Posted by Pawel Maczka 2008-11-14

New 1.5 v. with writing now

New 1.5 version has now writing COBOL dat files capabilities.

Posted by Pawel Maczka 2008-11-05

1.4.2 maitenance

code maitenance; bug fixing

Posted by Pawel Maczka 2008-09-12

1.4.1 - maitenance release

New xsd and fixed bugs for dat2xml and dat2xls. Fresh 3rd party jars.

Posted by Pawel Maczka 2008-06-28

1.4 released!

comp-1, comp-2 and endianess implemented. Enjoy!

Posted by Paweł Mączka 2008-02-28

1.3 released!

Convert your dat file to xml or xls ( Excel ) format or use API to publish formated data directly on your web application!

Posted by Paweł Mączka 2007-11-21

COBOL copybook import facility

Thanks to cb2xml SF project we can now import COBOL copybook. New XSL transformation file is included in 1.2.1 to process cb2xml file and generate our file format xml. This can be loaded by FileFormat class.

Posted by Paweł Mączka 2006-02-27

&quot;OCCURS ... DEPENDING ON&quot; implemented

Now you can read even more complex COBOL files with variable record length. xml and java file definitions has got extended. New feature required to define group of fields. It is possible to nest groups and they may reference predecesor field as it depends on. Enjoy!

Posted by Paweł Mączka 2006-02-14

Define format in xml file!

New 1.1 release has load and save methods in FileFormat class. This let you use cobol2j w/o re-compile. You can define your rpg/cobol layout in xml file instead of extending FileFormat class programaticaly. Taste & enjoy!

Posted by Paweł Mączka 2006-01-27

I need your feedback for future!

Thank you for your interest in previewing cobol2j. Projest ststistics is not zero since first release and I hope it is not only because of web crawlers. I see two main areas of cobol2j development: data file structure persistance in xml file. This will prevent a user from recompiling the code. Second area is a GUI for data file previewing and giving opportunity to process result file ( to csv or xl sheet ). Other improvements can be support for binary cobol fields or more conversion tables. It requires sample life data that I dont have access to. So I kindly ask you please drop an email, post or feature request so I know it is worth an effort.
Thank you!
P.S. Forums are public and dont require login!

Posted by Paweł Mączka 2006-01-19

1.0 released, jar available

The first release of cobol2j is on air!

Posted by Paweł Mączka 2006-01-06

Project started, files soon.

Project get started and I work on home page together with the code and first release. Big day soon!

Posted by Paweł Mączka 2005-12-31