#71 ant: allow to specify multiple directories with sources


I have project directory with set of subproject. Following call doesn't include sources to report:
<dirset id="src.dirset" dir="${prjDir}" >
<include name="**/src" />
<property name="src.dir" refid="src.dirset"/>

Can be possible to specify source directories using nested dirset instead of filesets:
<dirset dir="${prjDir}" >
<include name="**/src" />


  • John Lewis

    John Lewis - 2009-05-12

    What version of Cobertura are you using? Dirset support was added to 1.9.1.

  • aLeXx

    aLeXx - 2009-05-13

    Actualy latest version used.
    I tried different combination but without results.

    From example above:

    <dirset id="src.dirset" dir="${prjDir}" >
    <include name="**/src" />
    <property name="src.dir" refid="src.dirset"/>

    [echo] org.eclipse.swordfish.registry.tooling\src;org.eclipse.swordfish.tooling.target\src;org.eclipse.swordfish.tooling.ui\src

    Can you provide me valid sample with dirset?

  • aLeXx

    aLeXx - 2009-05-13

    I think that problem is with relative path. Possible solution
    <path id="src.dirset">
    <dirset dir="${srcDir}/plugins" >
    <include name="**/src" />
    But cobertura-report doesn't support the nested "path" element.

  • Steffen Pingel

    Steffen Pingel - 2010-01-14

    The dirset support has a bug: Instead of passing absolute paths to the reporting application it ignores the base directory on the dirset and uses a relative path. That means it will only work as expected if your build is running from the same directory that is set as the base directory on the dirset.

    Here is a crude but working fix:

    Index: cobertura/src/net/sourceforge/cobertura/ant/CommonMatchingTask.java

    --- cobertura/src/net/sourceforge/cobertura/ant/CommonMatchingTask.java (revision 689)
    +++ cobertura/src/net/sourceforge/cobertura/ant/CommonMatchingTask.java (working copy)
    @@ -174,7 +174,13 @@
    throw new BuildException("Dirsets have to come before filesets");
    - createArgumentsForFilenames( builder, getDirectoryScanner(fileSet).getIncludedDirectories());
    + DirectoryScanner scanner = getDirectoryScanner(fileSet);
    + String[] filenames = scanner.getIncludedDirectories();
    + for (int i = 0; i < filenames.length; i++)
    + {
    + filenames[i] = baseDir(fileSet) + "/" + filenames[i];
    + }
    + createArgumentsForFilenames( builder, filenames);

  • Jek

    Jek - 2010-03-23

    This is still a problem with the latest version, It does appear there is an absolute pathing problem. Shawn Castrianni spelled it out in his message sent to Cobertura-devel May 2009:

    Subject: bug in dirset support

    After spending several hours struggling with why I could not get the new direst
    feature to work to support multiple source directories, I found the problem.

    The code change (SVN rev 544 by lewijw) in CommonMatchingTask.java was using:

    createArgumentsForFilenames( builder,

    The problem is getIncludedDirectories() returns names RELATIVE to the dirset's
    basedir. Therefore, if you have a multiple dirsets with different basedirs,
    those different basedirs are lost and only the relative directory names are
    passed to the Main class of the reporting engine. This causes none of the
    source files to be found since a relative directory name will assume to be
    relative to ${basedir}.

    A functional test was created in cobertura/examples/functionaltest1/build.xml
    but used ${basedir} as its base directory for the direst:

    <target name="coverage-reports-with-dirset"> <run-reports> <dirset dir="${basedir}"> <include
    name="**/src" /> </dirset> </run-reports>

    this allowed it to work and did not reveal the problem. I believe the fix
    should be to change CommonMatchingTask.java to pass in absolute directory names
    to the reporting engine Main class. Perhaps something like this:

    DirectoryScanner dirscanner = getDirectoryScanner(fileSet); String dirnames[] = dirscanner.getIncludedDirectories(); for(int i = 0 ; i < dirnames.length; i++) { dirnames[i] = dirscanner.getBasedir() + File.separator + dirnames[i]; } createArgumentsForFilenames( builder, dirnames);



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