Kevin Murphy - 2009-10-19

CNV Workshop 2.0.4 is out.

Look for continuing releases every few weeks, at least for the next couple months.

The full release notes can be found in the tarball in docs/CHANGES.txt, which are necessary to read if you are upgrading.

    == Version 2.0.4 - 2009/10/19 ==
    === 2.0.4 Upgrading instructions (2.0.3 to 2.0.4) ===
     * If you are using a custom track, you need to add the following to /etc/
      CustomTrack=My Custom Track
     where 'My Custom Track' is the desired column heading for your custom track.  If CustomTrack is not present or has
     an empty value, then the custom track will not be displayed.
    === 2.0.4 Important notes (2.0.3 to 2.0.4) ===
    See upgrading instructions.
    === 2.0.4 Bug fixes ===
     Make text blurb on login page look better on low-resolution displays and narrow windows
     Make custom track column behave like GAD and Content annotation columns
     Fix 'wrapping bug' when paging in tabular results for Firefox
     Get rid of Band sorting (redundant) and make Start also sort on End (Chr, Start, End)
     Null pointer exception due to not setting searchMode correctly when generating the normals links in gbrowse
     Duplicated text when sorting with column headings
     Dataset list should updated for each Search visit
     Invalid position value goes to exception page
     Query counts incorrect for cnvr and cnvblock queries
    More than one public source doesn't work
     Incorrect tooltip for linked CNV/CNVR/CNV Block column values
    === 2.0.4 Enhancements ===
     Single patient/sample searches now have an automatic results page size of 100 (should show entire result)
     Custom track column can now be suppressed if not used
     Dataset list is now sorted by date of creation, most recent data sources first
     Sample count is now displayed in search result summaries
    === 2.0.4 Internals changes ===
     Shouldn't be using both filter and servlet in web.xml