Joe McMahon - 2013-10-30

First, I am not at all a Windows person, so anything connected with Windows will need to be explained SLOWLY and CAREFULLY.

I'm trying to set up Subversion access to a customer's SVN server that requires NTLM authentication. Every other "this will work" option has not worked, so I'm trying to set up cntlm to proxy requests. The problem is that I'm not sure what I need to do.

I know where the customer's SVN server is, but I'm guessing that what I need to know is the address of their NTLM proxy server. Am I correct? And is this going to be equally applicable for HTTPS as well as HTTP? I'm assuming that I need the user ID, domain, and password in the /etc/cntlm.conf file, and that the parent proxy is the missing bit that's keeping this from working. If all that's in place, I just start cntlm via /etc/init.d/cntlm start and everything that needs to access the customer's servers should Just Work.

I'm working through two layers of indirection (I ask X who asks Y who asks the customer), so I need to be sure I ask the right question(s).

I tried auto confg - cntlm -I -M does this:

$ cntlm _I -M https://svn.REDACTED
Config profile  1/4... 
Connection to proxy failed, bailing out

which I'm assuming means that my parent proxy isn't set up (should this be picking up config in the /etc/cntlm.conf file by default, or is it using something else, or just defaulting to some value or another because I haven't specified anything?).

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